Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients on the benefits of MM&G

We pride ourselves on building close, long-term relationships with our clients, allowing us to provide strategies and solutions that are tailored specifically for their unique business needs and financial situations. We make it our business to take care of your business.

I contacted Richard White and Moomaw Mesirow and Godfrey, LLP to seek advice regarding the ownership and insuring of my two businesses. I found Richard to be attentive to my concerns and very knowledgeable about the risk factors related to my case and the best practices to avoid exposure to liability. Overall, the experience was excellent, and I plan to continue working with the firm for all of my future business needs.

I specifically consulted Richard on the following topics:

  • Assisted with purchase of business assets
  • Consulted on enforceability of non-compete
  • Consulted on execution of independent contractor agreement and removal of included non-compete
  • Drafted a consulting agreement for use with my clients

I am impressed with the level of service I received and would feel confident in referring MMG to my family, friends, and associates.

Michael Stewart

New client to MMG

As a business and personal client of MMG for over 16 years developing and building a significant business, their assistance in all aspects of business was invaluable. As we grew our business from transitional startup of about 10 people to near 100 employees it was important to manage the ongoing legal challenges presented.

One of the most important things in the relationship was the fact that they always pointed us to the best business solution, even if it meant settling a dispute with little or no fees for the firm. This common sense approach really fit our business philosophy and kept us grounded even when an emotional situation could easily spin out of control.

Always balancing the cost/benefit of reviewing legal aspects of the business helped us make good investment choices. All businesses face legal challenges from employees, competitors and even internal ownership transitions. Our experience in all these areas using MMG as a trusted advisor helped balance the risk of doing business while minimizing our investment in legal fees.

One of the key advantages we valued as a client was that MMG is a smaller firm with a very personalized approach to our business needs. The key partners were always available to assist with any issue, anytime.

On a personal level, MMG helped us develop a wealth management strategy to maximize the value of our estate going forward with proper estate planning steps throughout the changes in our personal financial situation.

Being able to service our business and personal needs with one legal team has eliminated many a sleepless night suffered by most business owners! We highly recommend the team at MMG!

Alan and Cathy Mills

Former owners of Axium